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Good reasons to become an influencer (and buy followers)

The global number of Influencer Marketing related service offerings grew by 26% in 2021 alone

More than 75% of brand marketers intend to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing in 2022

68% of our marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing spend in 2022

Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $16.4 Billion in 2022

Instagram was used by nearly 80% of the brands that engage in influencer marketing

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*These data are presented in the Benchmark Report (2022)

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Get up to 80% OFF until Januray 25, 2023nd


What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

1. Gain Credibility

When looking for customers or just a bigger audience, this is the fast way to gain a reputation. The first steps of your Instagram account are always the hardest ones. You can avoid the struggle of starting from zero, by showing other users that you have a good following and attract people to your offerings.

2. Fuel your social media campaigns

Your marketing campaigns will result more appealing because coming from a reputable source, which is your Instagram profile. This will open up more opportunities for you in collaborating with brands, such as "giveaways" and winning competitions.

3. Jumpstart your Influencer carreer

If you're using Instagram to become an influencer, buying followers is a good way to gain popularity. Remember to keep an attentive eye on your content - make sure is always interesting enough to keep your following engaged.

4. Increase brand visibility & sales

Buying a core base of followers is a very handy method to compete with other well-kown brands and users, even as a new Instagram user. Additionally, you can play with widgets on your account to make people visit your website and eventually, purchase your products.

Frequent questions

Sure! This is the easiest and most feasible way to grow your Instagram quickly. Your popularity boost is only a few clicks away! All you need to do is to place an order, sit back, relax and wait for your followers to be delivered.

You are free to select among the 7 packages here above enlisted. If you want to buy a bigger amount of followers or wish to custom your package, please get in touch with us.

  1. Choose your ideal package
  2. Cilck on “add to cart”
  3. Submit all the required fields (email, Instagram username)
  4. Pay with credit card
  5. Receive the ordere confirmation mail along with a time frame within 24 hours

In rare occasions, Instagram does a purge for detecting unexpected growth on certain account. Since, FollowMe is both safe and reliable, you won’t get banned for buying Instagram followers because we don’t need to access your account, but only have your username. Therefore, there’s no reason why Instagram should penalize your account.. anyone could have sent you the followers.

As soon as your order is complete, it will be processed as fast as possible. We’re looking at a 24 hours waiting period, or 72 hours worst case scenario. Is your order taking longer than expected? Get in touch and we will help.

  1. An Instagram account set as a public profile
  2. An email address
  3. A credit card